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Information for getting started as a new employee at OLPC:

  • Get an account on the wiki:
    • Bookmark various interesting URLs on the wiki (Support, Test, Test config notes)
    • Browse through the wiki
  • Get an account on Trac:
    • Bookmark url for easy access
    • Browse through Trac to create some queries of interest: find all trac items related to returns or field problems
    • Click on 'Roadmap' on the left hand nav bar to see the feature roadmap
  • Take a look at our current support database, Surfboard:
    • Add new returns into the database
  • Get an account on 'team wiki':
    • Send email to kim with your username on teamwiki, to get access to the site
    • Explore team and tech wiki
  • Make sure you can log onto Internal wiki [1]
  • Sign up for various mailing lists:
    • Devel, Community-news, community-support, eco (engineering change orders), sugar, testing are some possibilities
  • Get on IRC:
    • olpc, olpc-meeting, olpc-qa, sugar, olpc-devel (
  • Start up an XO and begin exploring
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