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Name: Sleet01

Date: 10/11/2007

Laptop Model: VirtualBox

Build Image: 613

Firmware: N/A


Open the News Reader activity


  • That a News Reader icon is added to the activity donut. yes
  • That the icon pulses to indicate that it is starting up. yes
  • That News Reader opens properly. yes
  • That the list of feeds populates itself and displays the number of articles per feed. yes

Check Journal updates


  • That an entry has been added for your News Reader session. yes

Use a feed


  • That news articles appear on the right side of the screen. yes
  • That the currently selected tab becomes de-bolded and highlighted. yes
  • That all text and images are displaying properly. yes
  • That the numbers next to the feed name update to show the number of articles in the feed you haven't viewed yet. yes

Scroll through articles


  • That the gamepad and scrollbar adjust the position of the page properly. yes
  • That the scrollbar moves up and down as the position of the page changes. yes
  • That clicking "Older Entries" displays a new page of articles. yes
  • That the name of a feed becomes unbolded when you have viewed every article in it. yes

Clicking a link


  • That the link turns purple. yes
  • That the Web activity opens and shows the page that was linked to. yes
  • That a Web activity icon is added to the activity donut. yes
  • That the News Reader activity window does not change. yes

Adding and removing feeds


  • That the Feeds tab becomes highlighted and changes the buttons on the taskbar. yes
  • That clicking the Add Feed button opens the Add Feed window. yes
  • That adding a feed causes it appear in the list of feeds, and the feed is browsable. yes
  • That clicking the Remove Feed button removes the feed from your list of feeds. yes

Close the News Reader activity


  • That the News Reader window closes properly. yes
  • That the News Reader icon is removed from the donut. yes

Resume from Journal


  • That News Reader opens properly and a News Reader icon is added to the donut. yes
  • That your session is restored properly. yes
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