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Support and Maintenance

  1. Support Training Guide
  2. Familiarize yourself with disassembling the laptop, replacing parts etc.
  3. Always carry a USB key with the following files:
    • The Customization Key 2 unpacked to the root of the USB Key.
    • All the activities that are to be deployed in the folder /bundles.(eg. /bundles/Write_Activity.xo)
    • The Developer Key (develop.sig) in /security. (eg /security/develop.sig)
    • Other required rpms, fonts etc.
  4. Test all components of the XO by typing "test-all" at forth.
  5. Test individual component of the XO with "test <device-name>" at forth.
  • We will show the teachers how to perform basic maintenance and give periodic short courses to the students on laptop maintenance. Rather create a fully structured maintenance plan, we want to see who at the school shows the most affinity for laptop maintenance, students or teachers. We don't want to arbitrarily select local people to do the maintenance until we get a sense of who has an interest and talent for it. In short, we are putting People before Process.
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