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Teacher Training

Excerpts From OLE Nepal blogs

  • Saurav Dev Bhatta, Bipul Gautam, and Kamana Regmi designed the teacher training program. Sulochan Acharya and Bryan Berry provided technical assistance. Bipul is the lead teacher trainer and is steeped in the theories and practices of different educational schools but Vygotskian Social Cognition and Piaget’s theories of development have influenced him the most.
  • The Classroom Setup. We have the teachers facing each other just as we want the students to face each other in the classroom. This will reduce the risk of XO’s falling forward off the front of their narrow desks.
  • Day One
    • The first day of training focused on basic use of the XO and its functions. Saurav spent a lot of time explaining the functions of the different keys on the keyboard. This was much appreciated by many of the teachers who had minimal experience with computers. Later in the day, Saurav led the teachers in exploring E-Paati and other activities on the XO.
  • Day Two
    • On the morning of the second day Bipul focused on the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky that underpin constructionism. The afternoon of the second day returned to the activities in the XO and how they reflect the ideas of Piaget and Vygotsky.
  • Day Three
  • Day four ???
  • We hope to steadily build up to using Etoys and programming tools as standard parts of training and teaching/learning.
  • We have 4 days off-site of teacher training, followed several weeks later by 3 days on school premises
  • Several teachers from both schools approached us and told us that they would like to set up regular meetings between teachers at both schools so that they can support each other and share solutions.
  • http://blog.olenepal.org/index.php/archives/193
  • http://blog.olenepal.org/index.php/archives/184

Orientation Program for Parents and other stakeholders

Trainers Training

  • Trainers will be from the NCED, the national teacher training body.

Recruiting and Training Interns

  • Volunteer who have just graduated for Class 12 / A levels are targeted.
  • Volunteers will be largely responsible for setting up the infrastructure of the deployment schools, basic troubleshooting etc supported by engineers from OLE Nepal.
  • Prospective volunteers will undergo three/four months of intensive training.
  • Number of volunteers will be around ten
  • Training venue not fixed, not enough space in the office.

Volunteer/Intern Training

  1. A basic understanding of Linux and some commands is vital. A good guide is the Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition by Paul Sheer. http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz.
  2. Interns must be familiar with disassembling and reassembling the laptop along with replacing and testing components.
  3. Interns should be independent and capable of using the internet and other sources to find solutions as far as possible.
  4. Interns should be familiar with the E-Paath software along with other activities that are to be included in the deployment.
  5. Interns should know how to add/remove individual activities, install an image, add/remove fonts and other basic knowledge.
  6. Interns should create a 'Hello World Activity' in sugar. -???
  7. Trainees should be able to edit and create wiki pages.
  8. Trainees should be familiar with documenting their work on the wiki.

Intern Manual
Other training to interns?
Recruiting interns?
Plans for the (stress lab)?
A training plan for interns?

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