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== OLPC Saint Louis Objectives: ==

1) Providing XO Laptops: Bringing the XO to Missouri Elementary students to empower them to engage in their own education in new ways, through the self-motivating and self-learning XO laptop.

2) Developing Software and Working with Teachers to Develop Further XO-Based Curriculums: To develop and document successful teaching strategies and curriculums using the XO in the classroom. This includes development of new programs and software. (SUGAR CAMPS FOR 2010)

3) Connecting Classrooms: Connecting classrooms in Missouri with partner classrooms around the world India Uraguay, Kenya, with new software and ways of utilizing the XO technology. Providing children with a “window to the world”, where they can connect and interact with partner schools established through OLPC SB, anywhere in the world.

4) Documentation/ Creating a Resource Model: Documenting, assessing, and creating a resource model out of our efforts that can be used to replicate the OLPC SB model throughout the United States, so our partnership program can inspire individuals and organizations to establish and lead new programs.

I. Development: Local Partner School Programs (LPS)

A) - What are the steps to setting up a Local Partner school? - What are some quantifiable target goals we can aim for with the classroom(s)? - How will we measure success? - What types of quantifiable material will we have to measure success/ effectiveness of our program and involvement with St.louis Schools, justifying our purpose of involvement? - What can we contribute to OLPC Wiki?

B) Expansion of Local Partner Schools Programs - How many Saint Louis Schools do we want to include by the end of our school year? - How many schools are there? - How many classrooms do we want to include by the end of our school year? - How many classrooms are there? - How many Laptops will this roughly translate to? - How much money will we have to fundraise?

[edit] III. Development: International Partner School Programs (IPS)

- What is our principle role in working with international schools? They have the laptops… now what? - If we are providing them the laptops, how are we selecting who/ which schools them? What is the basis for this decision? How do we aid and be a part of implementation? - What are the steps to setting up an international partner schools? - What are the quantifiable target goals we can aim for with the international classrooms? - What types of quantifiable material measure the success/effectiveness of the program? - How will the establishment of, management of, and interactions with our International school programs and Local school programs differ?

[edit] IV. Development: Cross-Cultural Peer 2 Peer Interactions (CCP2P)

- What is our principle role in facilitating the interactions between partner schools? - What are some potential methods of P2P interactions? - How will we fulfill our role in facilitating these interactions? - What are the steps to setting up these interactions? - What types of quantifiable material would be able to measure the success/effectiveness of these interactions?

[edit] V. Development: Software Development

- Which campus groups, or students, specifically, will be creating this software? - What will their timeline/outline for creating the software be? - What types of programs will they be creating? - What will the software developer’s interaction be with the Local Partner School students?

[edit] VI. Strategy: Fundraising

- What specific groups or individuals will we seek for funds? - How will we establish contacts with these groups? - Will we hold group presentations or individual presentations? - Will they be on-campus, off-campus, in donor homes, ect? - Who will make the presentation? What will we include in it?

[edit] VII. Program Transparency: Awareness and Progress Report Presentations

- How often will we be giving presentations to the campus or donors on OLPC STL progress? - What will these presentations contain? Quantifiable material, statistics, data, new programs created, software developed, success stories? - Where will they be held? - Who will be invited?

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