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Lists in review : devel@ (Oct. 1-10)

Email list summaries have been discussed for months, without success to date. Mel Chua and Michael Stone tried out a new method of summarizing mailing list traffic. The results were organized for 10 days of mail to devel and posted online.

OLPC's total list volume and number of distinct lists continues to grow, with over a thousand new messages this month on almost 100 different mailing lists.

G1G1 series : G1G1 2008 Announced

The long-awaited 2008 G1G1 program was announced last week. It will launch on November 17th in the United States, to be followed by similar launches in other countries early next year. A steady stream of new photos, videos, and other media have been published to the OLPC Flickr and wiki media portals since then.

The main site for G1G1 will be hosted at Amazon (http://amazon.com/xo), who is providing fulfillment this year to US recipients. Other materials planned to be available for purchase and download during the campaign include an updated manual, which Anne Gentle is revising this week. A print-on-demand version of the manual version from the August book sprint is available from Lulu now[1].

Web developers are still needed to help with layout and design of certain public facing webpages.[2]

  1. Currently $13 for a 240-pg book
  2. Contact : wiki-gang@lists.laptop.org

Tips and Tricks : A Clock for Sugar

Sugar frame with clock

Martin Dengler hacked up a way to add a system clock into the frame. He posted a patch to the sugar list, which led to a mixture of complaints and enthusiasm. See the inset for the obligatory screenshot (Bonus: you can also see his XO name hack).

Demo scene : Journal2 Preview

Eyecandy: files in a journal-like interface showing a set of tags derived from their directory structures on a traditional desktop

C.Scott demonstrated a set of new proposed Journal features based on experiments with unordered paths for files. Screencasts, slides, and lots more are available from the new Journal, reloaded page. The code is split across the journal2 and pinot repositories. Pinot is a desktop search engine and indexer that supports the rest of the "Journal, reloaded" project.

A screencast of the demo is available in four parts: part 1 (mockup), part 2 (working demo), part 3 (embedding), and part 4 (exporting feeds). Each section is about 5 minutes long. Recordings and audio links from the full talk are also available. Brian Jordan notes that this was recorded with stereo effects for in-ear microphones: ogg recording (127 MB), mp3 (171 MB).

Calendar and Events : XOcamp 2

  • Open Source Day Peru, Oct 25
  • Post-8.2 vacations, as needed
  • XOcamp 2 - miniconf for the masses, Nov 17-21
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