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Policy and templates

We need to add a few policies here.

from irc, for ffm

<_sj_> I'd like to migrate some FA, Community-Portal, and RfA templates
<_sj_> ffm has been working on language-request templates (from [m:])
<_sj_> also peer review and media-licensing templates
* neskaya shudders at the letters RfA.
* _freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu
<_sj_> well, I mainly agree with you
<_sj_> I do want a "pages for review" instead of an AfD and "permission requests" instead of rfa
* neskaya nods.
<neskaya> That makes a bit more sense.
<_sj_> but a template for "here's what this user is doing and is up to" is helpful
<_sj_> see for instance all of the red-linked userpages on [[Requests for permissions]] on the current wiki
<_sj_> at any rate, we're closer to reasonable process for that page than for peer review or meta-policy (here's where the policies are!) or meta-faq (here's where the faq's are!)
* mvn071 (n=mvn071@vijn.xs4all.nl) has joined #olpc
<neskaya> mmhm.
* bgola` (n=bgola@ has joined #olpc
<_sj_> and to ease the load on our email queues, "contact us" should be closer to a three-page heirarchy that pushes people to community outlets when possible, than the current "here are email addresses to spam!" offering
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