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Amicitia American School of Fez

Amicitia American School of Fez (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs) (View PFR log)
Submitter: mhasbrouck (talk ยท contribs)     Location: Fez, Morocco
Request: 25 XOs     Duration: 9 months    Completion: 5%
We have a tri-lingual school in the traditional city of Fez, Morocco. The majority of students are Moroccan, 160 in all. We would train our teachers to use them for a period of two months. Then do a project with our multi-lingual 5th grade students in which we teach them to harvest information off the internet and use this information for a world cultures fair or other appropriate presentation. This would be an 8 month project and we would give extensive feedback.


  • Interesting idea. What does extensive feedback mean? How will this help other projects? --Sj talk
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