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Educational toolkit#Zubair Assad

Educational toolkit#Zubair Assad (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs) (View PFR log)
Submitter: Zubair Assad (talk ยท contribs)     Request: 1 XO     Duration: 4 months     Completion: 60%
i would like to use the laptop to have an hands on experience while i am on my project.It would also give me more time to work on the project. Beside the mobility, i would also use it as a motivational tool to inspire my friends and colleagues who are oblivious to open source and OLPC to take up open source projects.


  • More information would be handy -- there are already 3 people associated with ths project who've applied for an XO. Do they all get one? Has there been significant development of the toolkit recently? It would be easier of the Ed Toolkit organizer [whoever is supplying updates on its progress] submitted requests for a team; what would individual updates from 3 different people look like? --Sj talk
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