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Lets Explore XO

ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD, That’s our name and our vision. We want to create education opportunities for the world poorest children. By providing each and everyone for the rapid, low cost, low power connected laptop.

"XO" a computer unlike the any other, designed specifically to work in tough conditions and remote areas. It comes packed with software inductivities to help kids learn, explore, create and share. No matter what language they speak or where they live, the XO connects them to each other to the world and to a brighter future. We are non-profit organization, which makes these kids our mission, not our market. That’s why that, wherever the XO goes, there are five core principles, everyone agrees to:

  1. First kids get to keep the laptops, they have to be free to take them home and use them whenever they want. That’s a kind of point.
  2. We are focused on the early education, which means kids about 6 to 12 years old.
  3. We have to deal in large numbers of laptops, so whole the classrooms and schools get them at the same time. So no-one gets left away.
  4. Kids should have a connection to the internet, because there are neat stuff to learn on the internet
  5. Finally, the XO must include free and open source software. Then the laptop itself can easily grow and adapt with the needs of the child.

So in the nut shell, that’s us. An organization that makes a small computer to serve a big cause. Bringing education to the children all over the world with ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD.

    • The real question is, WHY?

Why give a laptop to a child who may have no electricity or even running water? That’s a very good question. But, if you substitute the world a laptop with education, the answer becomes clear. You don’t stop education, until all other challenges are solved. You do them at the same time, because education is the foundation of the other solutions. That’s why we designed the XO to work in the places that needed it the most.

  • Rapid, because these are kids after all, and kids stand to be, well, KIDS.
  • Low cost, so we can make a lot of them for very little, low power. So even in places with no electricity, it can be charged with alternate sources like solar power.
  • Connected, so kids can access the internet, share files with each other and collaborate on projects.
  • The XO also has a screen; you can read in direct sun light. Because many of the children go the schools at doors.
  • The XO comes with a built-in web-cam for pictures and video clips on the tone of education focused software.

All these features and many many more add up to one incredible result. When the XO comes to a classroom or village, kids get engaged, inspired, they go to school more after and stay there longer. They draw pictures, play music, make movies, and write stories. They figure out, how to do new things and begin to teach each other and even the parents. With the XO, kids learn to solve their own challenges and one day, they might even help us solve ours.

  • -That’s how will change the world and that’s the best answer to; WHY GIVE A LAPTOP?
  • -So give a laptop, Change the world.

Here are two slideshows about the introduction to OLPC XO's in English and Dari. Image:Slide0019_image027.jpg

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