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The following stakeholders are working together to improve education and bring new opportunities for economic development through low cost computing and computer literacy for the Afghanistan's future workforce.

Afghanistan OLPC Team headed by Mohamed Salim Hayran (OLPC Project coordinator)

• Members of Ministry of Education Afghanistan

• Members of Ministry of Communications and IT Afghanistan

• USAID's Afghan Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ASMED)

Roshan: one of the largest private employers in Afghanistan


OLPC Afghanistan Team
OLPC Af. Team inside the Office
OLPC Af. team in Qargha

Collaboration by the Stakeholders

Localization of XO's into Afghan languages (Dari & Pashto) has been successfully completed, Pashto translation is completed both in pootle online translation server as well as our Entrans translation server, Dari translation was completed offline and then uploaded to pootle server and the translation over Entrans was also successfully completed. In order to load localized interface into XOs, MoE in cooperation with ACSA verified (approved) the translation of Pashto localization and now we are waiting for the approval of Dari localization. The Pashto Verified / adjusted files were compiled and uploaded to the XO machines before the deployment in Jalalabad, where now it’s being used in XO laptops.

On May 31st, 2009, a collaborative effort was made between OLPC Afghanistan, Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan (MSTA) and Afghan Film to develop an educational game for the XO laptops deployed in Afghanistan. Stories of Nasruddin will guide children through the game. The game will focus mainly on literacy (Dari, Pashto) and numeracy; in later stages science subjects such as physics, biology and chemistry will be added. OLPC Afghanistan expects that the game will be developed in next 2-3 months.

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