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olpc Asia BaseCamp 2013 is a 100% community-driven gathering of people who care about education and the use of technologies to enable learning for children in disadvantaged communities. Every participant can be an active contributor to this mission. When there are dialogues, perspectives sharing and opportunities to work with like-minded people, we may reach a tipping point .. to change the world again.


General Agenda

What is olpc Basecamp2013

Click on yet another FAQ http://www.olpc.asia/basecamp2013/faq.php#section-faq

Should I come?

If you are reading this, you should. Do you need a holiday?

Do we have a website or registration link?

Yes.. http://www.olpc.asia/basecamp2013 and registration is at https://olpcbasecamp2013.eventbrite.com/

Where is the agenda/schedule?

We will publish the schedule once it finalize (but the chance is slim :-) as it evolves even on the day itself) Since we have participants who are new to OLPC, we need to plan for a balance event. Day 1 will be alot of XO handons, networking, and exposure to technologies available for education. Once people have clear idea of olpc, Day 2 will be used to focus on the theme of "OLPC 2.0: the next journey" Love to try Open technology meeting format where people set their topic...As for Day 3 .. let see what happens from Day 1-2. Hackers will start their Hackfest on the Schoolserver XSCE on Day 3 (Nov 18) and continue to Day 4 and Day 5 (20 Nov) morning

Start a dialogue by commenting now....

Does the agenda allow for any free time in the evenings (or do we have something planned each night)?

Yes, we hope participants take come to basecamp like a retreat with hard fun (work). After a hard day work we want you to have free time to explore Malacca. If there are events we will announce BUT participation is optional. For example on Day 2 we may have a trip to the beach to unwind and have dinner - but if you hate beach sunset :-( you can arrange your own hangouts.

Will some sessions be recorded and replayed?

I am sure there will be some.... will let the experts in Hangouts to record stuff

What I should bring?

Your physical self and your heart to participate. With that you can also consider bringing devices, tablets, gadgets, toys or whatever you think has educational value for learning. We want participants to contribute and learn learning by doing and sharing.

Do I need a laptop?

Its not mandatory to bring a laptop but it feel free to bring your laptops and OLPC devices as you can join to our technical sessions for knowledge sharing. Avoid regrets!

I can bring my XO device(s)

Yes, we highly encourage to bring your own OLPC devices or any other devices, gadgets that you can show or demonstrate. We hope to create a learning chest. You can deposit devices for demo or donate :-) if you wish.

Power supply (sockets/adapters/extension codes)

Malaysia use [Type G http://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeG.htm] plugs and wall sockets as per. It would better we can plan for extension codes against number of people visit.


Free wifi should be available. We intend to walk the talk...setup our own schoolserver with wifi for basecamp and let you all use it. The server will be powered by the little XO laptop to demonstrate what it can do if you have a small deployment. It help the hackers of the schoolserver(XSCE) to see how well their product work in the wild. Feedback will be useful.


Participation beyond the BaseCamp

Good question. Scale the summit once you know which mountain or deployment to get involved. We hope people can continue 100% basecamp volunteering spirit with new network and resources to do something. The something must come from you.

Will there be a video channel so I can watch Keynotes (or those from other locations)?

When the time comes and if we have the time and good internet link why not. Volunteers needed to make this happen.

Where I can find twitter feed on the BaseCamp?

We are waiting for someone who has an account and the know how to set the twitter feed. Teach us how to use it for those who are not twitters!

Meals and Social Events

I see you have meals listed – is there someplace special I go if I have food allergies?

We will be surrounded by food stalls/restaurants as the venue we are in is a very popular hangout area. If you want to have American food.. (or if you have food allergies) then Hard Rock cafe is your friend. It is 3 minutes from where we meet and maybe we can hear your music too....as you eat!

What if I want to host a social event?

Just announce it and you become the cheerleader and host for the event. On Day 2 (Sunday 17) there is a plan to hire a bus and got o a beach area and have dinner by the pool or sea. Watch the sunset, swim and relax... Anybody interested?

I'm bringing my spouse/kids with me, will they be able to join me during evening events (specifically meals)?

Yes, you can come with your family. We believe learning is for all!

I’m a minor so will I be able to take part in the social events? Will my guardian?

Unless this social event is announced as Adult only...which we do not encourage or the venue have age restriction.


Quick and Dirty.. No need to re-invent the wheel. Click on the link below for "About Malaysia" from another Malaysian Event

About Malaysia

Travel from KL

Information on how to get to the venue

Travel from Singapore

There are bus coaches from Singapore to Malacca. We know some people are coming in on Nov 15 evening by coach. Come together. If a taxi for 4 people can be arrange it would be ideal.

Immigration/Visas for the BaseCamp

I need the address where I'm staying for my visa application

Say you are thinking of booking this.. which is our venue

Wayfarer Guesthouse Address: 104 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia Mobile: (+6)012-7230875 Tel: (+6)06-2819469 Fax: (+6)06-2819469

I need an invitation letter for the airport

If you need we can get one for you. If the immigration ask why you are coming to Malaysia, maybe it is safer to say you are coming for a meeting summit. Basecamp has a different meaning in today's context :-)


There are alot of hotels and guesthouses from cheap to expensive depending on what your lifestyle need. The rule of thumb is ... stay near (say less than 1 Kilometre from our venue) so that you can can walk to basecamp venue (which is right in the middle of Malacca town)

Getting There

How will I be sure to catch a shuttle to the venue?

We suggest people book their hotel or guesthouse less than a kilometer from the basecamp venue (Wayfarer Guesthouse, 104 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia). Participants can walk to the venue or even go back for a quick shower and siesta if needed. You will know the reason why if you have been to Malaysia.

Is there somewhere to hang out on Friday?

Yes...Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are the busiest day/night in Malacca town. You can even take boat riverride or enjoy the many cafes along the river. If you like crowd then visit the night Jonker Walk attraction and eat till you drop.

Do you have recommendations for mobile data/voice service providers?

There are many data/voice services provider. Google and plan your requirements.

How much money should I bring for meals and taxi?

For taxi from KLIA to Malacca I was told it may cost about M$50 per person. As for meals I think it should be less then $M10 per meal.

Do we attend any local school/site for a deployment/workshop

For those who are in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 14 there will be a visit to deployment site. This is in Raub, Pahang and takes 1-2 hours by car journey. At around 3:00 pm we will meet the Orang Asli children when they finish school and return to their boarding place. For Day 3 there is a possibility of a case-study,planning and preparation for this deployment. Will see :-)

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