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Penguicon is an open source and science fiction convention that takes place every spring in Troy, Michigan.

OLPC will be covered/featured at a couple of different events at Penguicon 2008 (Troy, Michigan, April 18-20).


Laptop Liberation

Saturday, 11 am, Ballroom A

  • Benjamin Mako Hill
  • The laptop, free software, and why free and open source software is important in the context of OLPC and for educational technology in particular.

OLPC Round Table

Sunday, noon, Boardroom

  • Panelists: Frank Schreiber, Sarah Elkins, Thomas "cmdln" Gideon
  • Possible topics
    • XO Views, Activities, UI, Journal
    • OLPC Past, Present, Future
    • Michigan Jabber Server?

Roundtable Notes Related Links


  • Sunday, 1 pm, Computer Lounge? If we run out of time at the Round Table, we might continue the discussion in the Computer Lounge, immediately after.
  • Or, anyone is free to call a Birds of a Feather meeting at the con.

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