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This is a Lending Library beta test (main contact person is Kadia Meckes).


  • Find "mitstreiter" for the project. Lend the laptop to different people for testing purposes and to make it more public
  • Ask the tester what experiences they have with the online documentation, if it is understandable or not
  • Improve the customer documentation and translate it into German language.
  • Lend laptops for testing purposes
  • Improve the customer documentation and translate new elements into German.
  • Review the current process and define the next steps and milestones.

Lending Library members


General members


German Manual

Translate the English manuals into an understandable German version. See how the look and feel of the laptop is and how to provide more useful online help about the laptop for different target groups (e.g. developer, child, teacher, other people...) Test the help and search in order to improve its potential The idea of OLPC is good. To see what potential is possible in technical writer environment, I will have a look on the system, depending on my daily work. I do know the how to write useful help texts for users.

Bayern for Brasil

RUA is an Organisation which is has been helping streetkids in Brasil for more then 10 years with food and education. Therefore we will help them in setting up a little pilot and fundraising site for them.

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