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Location: OLPC office at 1CC, 6-8PM, 26 February 2008

Notes taken by: no one. But AuntiMame is trying to recreate from memory.

Attendees: annenou (Anne), AuntiMame (Diane), jnk27 (John), BenJamesBen (Ben), pgf (Paul), M (Mima), Ed, Patricia Greninger, and Edward Freedman. If I forgot anyone, please let me know and I'll modify these notes.

Visitors: Walter Bender, President of OLPC SJ Klein, OLPC Director of Community Content


  • AuntiMame was sporting a neat OLPC T-shirt. http://www.cafepress.com/xolaptop (shameless plug: AuntiMame "designed" the shirt and all profits are going back to OLPC in the form of donations.)
  • jnk27 presented his (mint in the box complete with instructions!) Timex/Sinclair computer (TS1000). Purchased for $100 about 20 years ago, it is programmed in BASIC. Very Cool!


  • Walter gave us all a tour of the OLPC offices. The oven that is used to "cook" XOs for long periods of time to test ruggedness was my favorite. He also spent some time answering random questions from the group.
  • We spent some time passing around Python and Linux books and a simple Python tutorial that Diane printed out from the OLPC wiki. The Pippy activity (a Python programming environment) was introduced.
  • Edward Freeman talked about the Cambridge Science Fair and invited everyone to join in at the XO Jam event.

Folks spent most of the time talking and playing with their XOs. Fun was had by all.


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