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Despite the torrential rain and hail a few folks attended the monthly meet-up last night @ Cosi. Congrats to Tom, Michelle, Melissa, and Ed for braving the weather!

Using borrowed 703 XOs from OLPC Tom, Michelle and Melissa tested GCompris for bugs. GCompris is a suite of activities for young children that was originally created for Linux. It has been ported to the XO, but has lots of bugs. T, M and M spent the evening playing the various games and finding what worked and what didn't. All three had fun and Tom reported that despite the bugs GCompris was well designed, with good graphics and sounds. Francesca Slade (OLPC summer intern) was very happy to see the written notes about the bugs found so she could pass the info on to OLPC programmers.

Ed and Diane spent some time talking about possibilities for a local school pilot. Diane knows that a teacher at Cambridge Friend's School has expressed interest, and Ed mentioned that he spoke with a friend who works at Harvard who is interested in creating a "sister school" pilot between a school in east Cambridge (with many Brazilian immigrant kids) and one in Sao Paulo, Brazil (where the friend's wife has contacts). Interesting things are happening!

Ed also invited a friend to stop by and we all spent some time showing him (Dave?) the features of the XO.

Sorry that the weather seemed to keep folks away, but we had a fun time and hope to see more people next month!

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