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Kickoff/intro meeting at MVCC, January 26, 2008.


Please add to these notes if something is incorrect or incomplete!

  • Thanks to Larry Langellier for organizing and hosting this meeting!
  • Overview of OLPC given by Mel Chua
  • Software demo given by 8-year-old and 10-year-old (mostly TamTam and Record) who had gotten their G1G1 the previous evening. (This was the highlight of the day. Uncle:"We just got the laptop last night, and we don't really know how to use it." Boys: "We do! Look!")
  • Laptop disassembly led by a young student

Next steps

  • Forming a Test issues squadron
  • Many nursing students - possible Health advisors/contributors?
  • Jam this summer on campus? Beautiful, beautiful campus.
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