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Topic: 1 Welcome < crazy-chris>it's 19:10. let's start?

Topic: 1 Who writes the summary < The>! Will write the summary

topic 3/4. topic ideas=-

< crazy-chris>#topic 4.1. newsletter” < crazy-chris>i'd suggest to drop a mail to the grassroots mailing list about this* < crazy-chris>#idea send reminder for next olpc meeting to the grassroots list

< crazy-chris>#topic 4.2 spare parts exchange” < mvn071>oke, I started some repairing /recylcing center < crazy-chris>did you get your hands on xo's yet? < mvn071>for the moment I can use one screen (broken) one mobo (to be engineerd) < phil_praxis>Are we talking specifically about repairing/recycling center for XO only? Or are there some "hybrid" repair/recycling with XO / PC / EEE / Classmates / ... ? < mvn071>I like all hardware but lets focus on XO < mvn071>I have one XO that might be repaired if had a screen < mvn071>I have request for wifi chip (mobo) to reverse engeneer it < crazy-chris>okay. i know of one xo in denmark which has no battery pack, one broken (?) laptop in northern germany, and one broken screen in austria < crazy-chris>and another broken on in austria -- some hardware issue... < crazy-chris>maybe you could get the one from germany and try to repair it < mvn071>For this meeting, i think we could make a list on the wiki. < crazy-chris>#action crazy-chris tries to make a contact between the broken xo in germany and mvn071


< sj_>#action send a "broken laptop" email to help@laptop.org < mvn071>done :) < crazy-chris>perfect! < crazy-chris>

topic 4.3 Standings per country <The>Is there a way to get a sheet per country to compare there standings <crazy-chris>standings in what means? <The>what are they doining < The>what have they done < The>where are they headed < <sj_>we were just taling about this in the learnig workshop today < The>in this way we could easely connect to those country that are ahead < sj_>for countries organizing trial and real deployments| < phil_praxis>ok, something like a per-country internal / progress page ? < crazy-chris>that would certainly be a interesting page on the wiki < sj_>crazy-chris, do you have the projectdb set up on d.l.o yet? do you still need some other server? < sj_>phil : that's a good start chris>i'd love to proceed on the projectdb < crazy-chris>there's already a lot of time in it :) < crazy-chris>so shell access, php+1 mysql db < sj_>the country-info could probably be managed with semantic mediawiki < crazy-chris>and back to the topic of the list of groups and what they have done and are doing < crazy-chris>i think this would be very interesting for the european groups < crazy-chris>The: you could start a page on the wiki, and we try to build a list < The>OK, link ? < crazy-chris>http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Europe/Countries/Progress

topic 5. any other business < mvn071>apachecon ? < crazy-chris>i've talked once to the organizers, and they said it should be possible. i've heard nothing of them since < mvn071>can I help? (life 30 min from Amsterdam)| < crazy-chris>i'll contact you via mail and we make the contact with them together / or you could do it < crazy-chris>maybe also worth a mail to the grassroots list < mvn071>ack < crazy-chris>#action chris writes a mail to the grassroots list about the apachecon | mvn helps organzing :)

offtopic: i just got in contact with opencv < crazy-chris>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCV < crazy-chris>it's a free computer vision library developed by intel < crazy-chris>object / face recognition < crazy-chris>and a of more cool things < crazy-chris>it's designed for microcontrollers, so should work on the xo as well :) < crazy-chris>i study robotics in vienna, and have a course which deals with image recognition < crazy-chris>maybe there is someone interested in a few weeks / months, and we try to make something cool < mvn071>sound something for opencommunitycamp.org :) < crazy-chris>looks interesting < crazy-chris>#link opencommunitycamp.org < crazy-chris>http://www.opencommunitycamp.org < mvn071>The is trying to get drupal guys aswell there < The>now talking with c,mm,n ;-) < phil_praxis>Can you explain / detail what you want with drupal people? < The>workshop on how to use < The>handson < mvn071>and also, doing maybe later course mangement in the XS < phil_praxis>yes, i have one education organization very interested in that in France < <The>bring them on :-) < phil_praxis>They would like to use a Wiki in order to store courses that can be transformed in exercises by each teacher < mvn071>there is a very active group in Belgium also. < phil_praxis>yes, we're going to do a One Day Blast (cf. www.onedayblast.org ) on getting some existing courses in some wiki < phil_praxis>on XS possibly, didn't go yet in there :) < The>in august they can work on this at the OCC 2008 for the whole week < phil_praxis>ok, will tell them < phil_praxis>Do we have some contact with the Moinmoin people mentionned in the projects? phil_praxis>http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors#MoinMoin_wiki < crazy-chris>http://www.onedayblast.org < phil_praxis>how do we automate the reminder feature or make sure the meeting reminder is sent one day before? \ < crazy-chris>and a newsletter a few days in advance < crazy-chris>#action next irc meeting in 2 weeks, 27. March 08, 19:00 cet

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