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Date OLPC Europe Local Grassroots
30.12. 24c3: Decision to work together over national borders, creation of #olpc-europe
OLPC.de: Receiving broader support


Date OLPC Europe Local Grassroots
5.1. Draft of 'Vision' and 'Mindmap' for OLPC Europe
10.1. 1st Meeting: Agreement on the "Set of common guidelines" and the Vision
24.1. 2nd Meeting: Decision about a monthly newsletter and the infrastructure
7.2. 3rd Meeting
9.2. Announcement of the Newsletter on the grassroots mailing list
21.2. 4th Meeting
22.2. Newsletter -- Issue 1
22.2. OLPC.at: Aaron locks Chris's SSH and Mailing List Access because of the Newsletter
23.2. Meeting at FOSDEM
25.2. Aaron get's upset because of OLPC Europe development; wants "no IRC democracy", but "a meritocracy"
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