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OLPC Firmware Release q2c13 - 2007-05-??

This is production firmware for the BTest boards. It will also work on ATest. Do not use it on pre-B1 boards - it will brick them because of the EC microcode.

BIG FAT WARNING! The manufacturing data has moved locations. If you are upgrading from the B series of the firmware the manufacturing data will be moved to its new location. After that has happened you must not install anything from the B series of the firmware. If you do then you will erase your manufacturing data.

Download: q2c13

Changes since OLPC Firmware q2c11

  • OFW r410
    • Added startup sound.
    • JFFS2 - Fixed bug in handling of deleted files.
    • USB - Added auto-reprobe feature to UHCI host controller driver.
    • OLPC - Fixed a problem with the EC command protocol and reverted to the use of it for board ID and game-key interaction.
    • Audio support for non-compressed wav files.
    • OLPC - Split the GX and LX MSR tables out into separate files.
    • New file - Integer sin() calculation.
    • OPLC Audio selftest - lowered distortion by adjusting gains, made the tone frequency programmable, use sweep in selftest.
    • OPLC Audio driver - better detection of problems communicating with the CODEC.
    • OLPC Board ID detection - B1 and B2 were getting interchanged.
    • OLPC - interrupt routing changes to support SCI power management events
    • OLPC audio selftest - ramp up on one speaker and down on the other
    • SDHCI - High-capacity SD memory card support now works - Pierre Ossman tested with one of his SDHC cards.
    • OLPC SD exerciser program - added MSR , DCON, and mfg data support.
    • OLPC - Fixed some problems with auto-booting from ethernet and wireless network interfaces.
    • OLPC trac 1493 - added all manufacturing data tags to the device tree, as properties of the new "/mfg-data" node.
    • ac97 - cleaned up selftest and added a "tone ( freq -- )" method to generate tones of specific frequencies.
    • OLPC resume - Turn on flat panel drivers in early resume, using newly-discovered fast method.
    • Lovely new boot-progress icons.
    • JFFS2 - checkpoint of new low-RAM-use version - reduces node map RAM usage by a factor of 8 or more in pathological cases.
    • JFFS2 - Got another 2x on well-behaved images with an intermediate encoding.
  • EC
    • PQ2C13
    • Fix Power-off with 3 or more game keys pressed. (Ticket# 1404)
    • Fix EC startup unstable with game key depressed (Tick# 1381)
    • Wake up the system from the game keys.
    • Disable the generation of SCI by standard EC command (set SCICFG bit 7 to 0).

Installation Instructions

  • If you have a B1 or B2 system:
    • Detailed upgrade instructions are located here.
    • If your firmware version is earlier than the version in Auto Install Image then you can just use that procedure for the update.
      Note: that this procedure will also upgrade the image in your nand flash -- which is the entire Linux operating system and all the files you may have edited or saved. This means it will ERASE what is in your nand and re-write it. So you will lose any data you have stored on the filesystem unless you back it up. If you do not want your files erased, then please use the first procedure above.
    • Do NOT use olpcflash to write new firmware images. Doing so will erase the manufacturing data that was added at the factory.
    • After you reflash, you must power cycle by physically removing power from the system. A warm-start or button-induced restart is not sufficient. Please remove both the battery pack and wall adapter for 10 seconds.
  • If you have an ATest system
    • If you use olpcflash to write this image, you must use the --brick option.
      Example: olpcflash --brick -w image.rom
      The --brick option makes olpcflash update your EC code as well as the firmware.
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