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OLPC Firmware Release q2d08 - 2008-01-05

This firmware is the first test candidate for the Update.1 software release set.

Changes since OLPC Firmware q2d07

Open Firmware is svn 775

  • OLPC trac 5853 - Improved the selftest display
    • Added positive indication of test success in green
    • Added brief delays between tests to give the user time to read them
    • Added the ability to pause the test-all progress by holding down the "rotate" game button
    • Noted in the nandflash test that a few bad blocks is normal
  • OLPC wireless LAN driver - added some status report message text for previously-undefined message codes.
  • OLPC security - Guard some game-key functions against unexpected aborts and disable EC indexed I/O, just in case.
  • OLPC trac 5868 - Preserve extra (non-ECC) out of band data when restoring tested blocks in the /nandflash selftest.
  • OLPC trac 5870 - Improve error handling in NAND driver.
  • OLPC trac 5692 - Clarified the "EC problem - remove all power" message to indicate that the battery must be removed too.
  • OLPC Trac 5778 - Display the firmware banner when enabling text output from secure mode, thus making it possible to determine the firmware version.
  • OLPC Trac 5719 - Added the ability to delete files on a JFFS2 volume as a weak workaround for problems where the presence of a file prevents the OS from booting. Example use: ok rm n:\home\olpc\.olpc-configured
  • OLPC Trac 5727 - Added error check so that enable-security will abort unless both the SN and U# mfg tags are present.
  • OLPC Trac 5585 - Show game key status during "release the game key to continue".
  • OLPC Trac 5717 - added 1 ms delay after reset-card for the benefit of cards (e.g. Kingston 4 GB SDHC) that fail to power up without a delay.
  • OLPC trac 5354 - retry read-capacity command for USB mass storage devices that need extra startup time (e.g. Kingston Datatraveler 1G).
  • Telnetd - fixed incompatibility with the Windows telnet client - looping on option negotiation and doubling carriage returns.
  • USB keyboard driver - Use control-set instead of control-set-nostat because keyboard devices appear to generate a status phase.
  • USB keyboard driver - Load the usbkbd driver only for the keyboard subclass; don't load it for the generic hid subclass.
  • USB serial drivers - Changed the default baud rate to 115200 because nobody uses 9600 anymore.

WLAN firmware is 5.110.20.p49.bin

Note: there are many debug events still enabled in this firmware that will be removed in future releases.


  • Fix for #5194: In some cases firmware fails to return association (command code 0x50) response back to the driver locking up command task.


  • New feature: Send probe response only in ad-hoc mode with max 2 probe responses er probe request.
  • Fix for #5194: The following symptom has been fixed.
  1. iwlist ethX scan returned no result
  2. iwconfig returned normally
  3. Both LEDs off
  4. iwpriv mshX fwt_time returned bad address.
  • There was a problem in association state machine causing command task to go into busy state --returning busy to all the commands. The command execution is serialized within firmware, and certain command execution involves multiple tasks within firmware. The moment that the management task, which handles association, posted results to command task, before finishing current execution, the command task started another command execution, while management task was still busy with previous command resulting association state machine into bad state.
  • Fix for #5461: Do not return busy (0x4) command response to host for internal commands such as mesh auto start enable.

EC code is test4e

<same as in q2d07>

Which Firmware Do You Have?

If your machine is not in secure mode, the firmware version is displayed in the startup banner, as in:

 OLPC B4, 256 MiB memory installed, S/N SHF7250024D
 OpenFirmware  CL1   Q2D07 Q2D

If your machine is in secure mode, you can go to the Terminal activity and type

 cat /ofw/openprom/model

If your machine is in secure mode but the OS will not start, just go ahead and try to upgrade the firmware anyway. The procedure is safe and will not do anything if you already have up-to-date firmware.

Beginning with firmware Q2D08, you can see the firmware version in secure mode by powering up with the "check" game button held down.


When installing new firmware, you need a well-charged battery and the AC adapter must be plugged in. The firmware update code will not proceed otherwise.

Secure Machines

Secure-mode update to Q2D08 is not yet available, as the image has not yet been signed.

Unsecure Machines

(Please note that most developer machines are "unsecure".)

Download: q2d08.rom

Put the q2d08.rom file on the XO NAND FLASH filesystem in /versions/boot/current/boot/q2d08.rom, or on a USB key as /boot/q2d08.rom . Power cycle the system and get to the ok prompt. Then type either:

 ok flash u:\boot\q2d08.rom   ( if the file is on a USB key )


 ok flash n:\boot\q2d08.rom   ( if the file is on the NAND FLASH filesystem )

See Cheat codes for information about how game buttons control startup options.

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