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Works on XO-1 systems.

Download q2f18.rom
Build date time 2013-06-06 04:16:21
Source revision 3669.
EC version 1.2.1
Wireless firmware version 5.110.22.p23


  • 3668 OLPC - save-mfg-data, simplify SN processing code following ticket #12695 review. No functional change.
  • 3667 OLPC - check for a NUL before removing it from the SN tag search result, because otherwise an SN tag with zero length may prevent normal boot. ticket #12695
  • 3663 OLPC - do not leave keyboard locked if file cannot be created by save-mfg-data on XO-1.5. ticket #12684.
  • 3662 OLPC - avoid duplicate file creation. ticket #12684.
  • 3659 OLPC XO-1 - backport lid and ebook switch test, ticket #12514.
  • 3658 disklabel - abort open if the partition has a type for a filesystem that is not present in the build. Fixes failure to boot from a hybrid ISO-9660 filesystem on USB or SD. ticket #12696.
  • 3650 OLPC XO-1 XO-1.5 - maintain the NFS RPC XID in CMOS RAM, so that scripted NFS actions do not fail silently. Different location used for XO-1 because the default location is reset by a power cycle. ticket #12662.
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