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Works on XO-1.75 C2 only.

  • add overall pass or fail to field tests, ticket #12515,
  • make lid test more responsive,
  • set month and day registers in clock after power failure,
  • add support for not rebooting on tag change, using tags( and )tags,
  • add serial terminal application, see Firmware/Serial_Terminal,
  • add remote diagnosis application, see Firmware/Remote
Download q4d28.rom
Build date time 2013-03-15 19:56:42
Source revision 3615
EC version 1.0.01
CForth version 4c3c5cc5
Wireless firmware version Libertas thinfirm 9.0.7.p2


Open Firmware

  • 3612 OLPC - rename dcon-screen-freeze to video-save, to fit with existing XO-1 and XO-1.5 words with same function. Relates to r3514.
  • 3611 OLPC - shorten the delay in the lid test, to improve apparent responsiveness.
  • 3608 OLPC - set the month and day registers of the RTC when it is being initialised on XO-1.75 and XO-4, and add initialisation in response to RTC power loss on XO-1 and XO-1.5.
  • 3597 Revert -mlittle-endian removal in r3596
  • 3596 arm/Linux/Makefile fixup for arm-elf-gcc 3.4.3
  • 3594 wrapper.c - added commentary telling another way to accomplish the same result as mprotect()ing the dictionary memory to make it executable.
  • 3588 OLPC - change name of flag variable, to avoid having it look like a verb, in r3584.
  • 3586 Use explicit number base in recent checkin. No functional difference.
  • 3584 OLPC - add support for not rebooting on tag change on XO-1.75 and XO-4. This used to be ' noop to spi-reprogrammed , but this was broken with the addition of CP and AP tag support in XO-1.75. Manufacturing scripts use ($add-tag) and ($delete-tag) followed by (put-mfg-data) and so bypass this already. ticket #12578.
  • 3578 OLPC ARM - trac ticket #12592 - MMC2/3 display driver - when sleeping, save the hardware cursor mode info in addition to the bitmap, thus preventing the cursor from disappearing after invoking the display selftest from the GUI.
  • 3577 ARM - fixed wrapper to avoid Segmentation Violations when compiled for the SYSV ABI, which disallows self-modifying code by default. The solution is to call mprotect(..., PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE | PROT_EXEC);
  • 3569 Marvell WLAN driver - Omnibus checkin of changes to the SDIO layer to make it easier to share code with the Bluetooth driver. The particular advantage is to eliminate duplication of firmware downloading between the WLAN and BT drivers.
  • 3568 OLPC - add serial terminal, for built-in UART or for USB serial adapter
  • 3565 ARM - increased max-image because some OFW dictionaries are now starting to exceed 1 MiB.
  • 3564 OLPC ARM - memtest, did not reset diag-switch? and led to net boot, ticket #12564.
  • 3563 inet - add remote diagnosis console feature, increase verbosity of telnet and telnetd, include telnetd in build rather than autoload from source, and allow other port numbers for outbound telnet.
  • 3562 core - mux, add console add and remove, for use by telnetd
  • 3561 inet, tcpapp, add support for applications that accept connections.
  • 3560 OLPC - libertas, fix failure during test /wlan on 8686, by returning separate scan response result and length.
  • 3559 OLPC XO-1.75 XO-4 - autorun tests, add redundant text and a stall point for overall pass or fail. ticket #12515.
  • 3557 OLPC - libertas, add support for 802.11n 5 GHz networks on 8787. Due to a firmware limit of 14 channels in a scan request, the scan logic was heavily changed. During association a specific channel scan order is followed, and the first match stops further scanning. The LEDs test was also changed to reduce the time taken. ticket #12552.
  • 3555 OLPC - startup sound. Avoid searching jffs2 filesystem on XO-1 because mounting it takes a long time. Avoid checking for file existence; just try and if we fail, fallback to the built-in sound. Avoids one microSD or eMMC power cycle from boot on XO-1.5, XO-1.75, and XO-4 when the startup sound is present.


  • aa897de dump more registers when debugging suspend and resume.
  • 4c3c5cc fix compile errors.


  • none
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