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This page lists the evolving top-level strategy for establishing fault reporting and repair of laptops in Oceania. OLPC is promoting the development of commercial and NFP repair centres and the learnings from this activity should be applied to the region

Fault reporting

A fault reporting system will be required in most countries. Initially, this may be done on a regional basis, but it should be devolved to each country, especially where there is a large rollout. Smaller countries may always use the regional system.

SPC has a fault reporting/help desk system that could be adapted easily for such reporting, however, they cannot man the help desk. Perhaps this could be done by e-volunteers that log into the system and handle faults.

It should be noted that Uragray has developed an Open Source laptop management system which may be appropriate for use in Oceania.


A centralised Repair centre will be initially set up. This will need to be "seeded" with laptops for spare parts This plan is evolving

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