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Presentation in the Ministry of Education, Islamabad, April 23, 2008

Heads of Schools with XO
  1. Presentation to Secondary School Principals. Academy of Educational Planning is the main Policy and planning institute of the Ministry of Education.On AEPAM’s request we made a half day presentation and provided a hands-on opportunity to about 50 participants. The first part of the presentation dealt with the constructivist theory underlying OLPC where as the second part was confined to provide a hand-on opportunity to the principals to explore OLPC which was followed by QA session. Principals greatly appreciated the concept of olpc and were totally flabbergasted to handle and use the XO laptop.
    Dr Habib Khan showing XO
    Their amazement was further enhanced when they tested the localized version of the XO. They gave very useful suggestions for improvement and stressed the need for digitized e-textbooks so as to reduce on conserving trees in the country.
  2. There were very intriguing questions by teacher leaders such as for example why Pakistan lagged behind in deployment and related inquires. Principals however contemplated the strategy of approaching the MoE through Teacher Unions all over the country.
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