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olpc-repo-watch was an experimental list of OLPC-related source code repositories, gathered from their various hosting sites. It ran briefly in late 2008, but was little used.

The list is somewhat incomplete, missing private repos, and bare .xo files, even when they are linked from the wiki.


Repository sites

Repositories are currently sought in:

Please feel free to request additional sites.


  • Scraping the wiki to find private repositories and isolated .xo files is not yet working.
  • Forks are not listed. d.l.o's trac, gitorious, and github, all support forks of projects. Sometimes they are more active than the project itself.
  • Wiki links aren't being provided for repositories, only for the wiki pages themselves. Even when the connection between project name and wiki article name seems obvious.
  • Sorting the table on Project is a good way to see the connection among a project's repositories, and its wiki page. This is not entirely obvious. Perhaps there should be a link to emphasize it. A mouseover pop-up giving the alphabetically nearby entries might be even better.
  • Clicking on the Project header results in an inverse sort (even though it's initially only a secondary sort key). Not the right thing.


I'd appreciate feedback. Especially as to whether or not you found the page helpful. MitchellNCharity


2008-Dec-10 Final run. Scraper maintenance was needed, but as the service wasn't being used, it was shut down instead.
2008-Nov-16 Created wiki page. Cleaned up sketch. Updated watch page.
2008-Nov-07 Concept sketch.

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