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Women in Computing at RIT

Mel Chua was invited to RIT to work with Professor Stephen Jacobs' Honors Seminar, Programming for the OLPC XO on Friday 24 April 2009, and was a guest of Professor Sharon Mason, GCCIS Women in Computing Faculty Associate, on Saturday 25 April 2009 for a Women in Computing at RIT meeting entitled Meet Mel and test drive an OLPC XO.

Mel provided a review of the OLPC project history and highlighted the hardware and software advances made by the project teams. Professor Jacobs provided an XO laptop for each in the audience of six, so everyone had a chance to test drive the XO with Mel's guidance.

Mel stayed after the noon to 2:00 pm scheduled time to work with a student.

From Mel's notes on the whiteboard:

The Sugar stack

Activity1, Activity2, Activityn
Sugar: (Python, Etoys, Squeak, Scratch, ...)
Open Firmware (XO)

Things one can do for the OLPC and Sugar Labs projects

  • Work on the security infrastructure (Rainbow)
  • Work on the firmware (Open Firmware)
  • Sugar core
    • collaboration
    • reflection
    • exploration
  • Sugar activities
  • Run pilot deployments
  • School server (XS) development
  • Curriculum design

University level projects

  • Networking, field and laboratory testing
  • Testing
    • Tool development
    • Analyzing feedback
  • School server development
  • Curriculum development and evaluation
  • Grassrooting (supporting volunteers)

Commandment 0 of open source software development

Ask forgiveness, not permission

Contact Mel

  • mel [at] laptop [dot] org
  • mel [at] sugarlabs [dot] org
  • mel [at] melchua [dot] com
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