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  1. Project Demo: Teotwawki Net by William Schaub.
    TEOTWAWKI means The End Of The World As We Know It, and the idea is to preserve the type of collaboration we are used to with the Internet in adverse disaster type situations and in areas that simply have no real hope of being connected.
    Bill pulled together some old, reliable and new software to build a self-propagating Usenet from the LightTPD web server, InterNetNews (INN) news server, Suck news transfer service, Web-News news reader, Perl 5.10 scripts to handle UDP broadcasts, and a DokuWiki instance to provide a shared page editing space.
    We had about 5 XOs in the network with either local or remote connections to the Browse interface for the news and wikis.
    Nice demo.
    Bill's system may be a precursor to tools used in the field for collection of data needed to feed a more versatile and distributed Sahana.
  2. Project Discussion: Disaster Recovery Networks, Sahana, RIT, XOs by Jeff Sonstein.
    This is a followup to the popular talk, OLPC_Rochester, NY/Event_history/26February2009. We may meet more of Jeff's research group and talk about his collaboration with others.
    Jeff described his goals for designing a more versatile and robust overall architecture for Sahana with this grid:
Software Problem Domains Hardware
  • turnkey
  • ReSTful API
  • Modular
  • Ad hoc
  • Situational awareness
  • Client registration & management
  • Worker/Agency registration & Coordinators
  • Logistics management
  • Robust
  • Multiple power sources
  • Quick setup
3. Open discussion: Possibly a Kid's Corner, Math Games, Physics simulators We didn't get to these topics as we were so engaged in understanding the architectural issues presented.
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