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Race lockout or Rainout - The RIT Campus parking was closed to all but VIP pass holders to provide safety for the over 9000 runners in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge annual race, so most were unable to attend.

Four members (Bill Schaub and Chuck Bryerton from Hornell and Dan Liss and Fred Grose) managed to get past the guards or walked in to Building 70. We had a good discussion covering the agenda items and news about the OLPC XO-1.5 and Sugar Labs plans.


  1. Reconnect with each other
  2. Learn about the Sugar Summer Program
  3. Prepare for more educator recruiting
    1. prepare contact list
    2. save dates for future events
    3. post and update opportunities available over the summer.
  4. Learn about the NYSCATE conference in Rochester 22-24 November 2009, http://www.mail-archive.com/iaep@lists.sugarlabs.org/msg04039.html

Bill Schaub described the work he has been undertaking to provide a lightweight Network News Transport Protocol service to allow XOs or other Wi-Fi-enabled computers to discover each other and share accumulated information as might be needed when "the world as we know it" is disrupted. He will be writing to Professor Jeff Sonstein about contributing to the Sahana rework project we learned about on 26 Feb 2009.

Dan Liss described the RocGeeks group that he's a member of, and we considered joining them and the LUGOR in one of their future meetings.

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