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OLPC UK Library Update 20090505

The OLPC UK Local Laptop Lending Library (LLLL) has received its laptop allocation courtesy of OLPC.

Here is an updated status and the next steps; but first, please recall that the purpose of the combined Library / Repair Centre is to:

  • support the OLPC mission and community via lending out laptops to UK volunteers / contributors; and
  • facilitate with space, materiel, and expertise XO repairs by volunteers; and
  • encourage, enable, and support Contributor Program applicants from the UK.


  • 10 laptops (9 fully functional, one with broken wireless) and 8 working batteries are in the UK.
  • All laptops have:
    • developer keys
    • security disabled
    • markings with a OLPCUK-NN (NN from 1 to 10) code, my mobile phone number, and the olpc-uk@lists.laptop.org mailing list address
    • been flashed to latest firmware (Q2E41)
    • have the latest Sugar-on-a-Stick build (Rawhide/Fedora 11 + OLPC kernel) installed.
  • 2 pairs of laptops have been lent to developer Library beta-testers in central London (est return time: 1.5 months)
  • More help is always needed with outreach, hardware wrangling, mentoring, etc. Please get in touch directly or via olpc-uk@lists.laptop.org. Better yet, Just Do It - whatever you you're trying to help with - and I/people will try to keep up (Forgiveness vs. Permission).
  • Much untriaged Repair Centre hardware is in the UK.

Next steps

  • Get people interested in borrowing laptops
  • Start Repair Centre hardware triage
  • Start Library inventory system with (gcstar, probably)
  • Write up lessons learned so far; share with appropriate audiences
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