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We are a group of volunteers who get together once we have a handful of XO laptops to repair. Many volunteers are students from Mesa Community College. We do not charge for repairs, just include a pre-paid mailing label and any needed parts.


Our contact information is

Rebecca Stanke
we are located in Mesa Az


We do not charge for repairs. If you need a part replaced, please send the part. We do not purchase parts for repairs. Turn-around is dependent upon how many laptops we have to repair. We have a team of volunteers who get together once we have about 20 laptops to repair, then we get-er-done and ship the laptop back. You must include a prepaid shipping label. DO NOT SEND STAMPS! - the postoffice will not accept a box with stamps. Send to Rebecca Stanke 626 S. Revolta Circle, Mesa Az 85208

Shipping estimates:

Return shipping is your responsibility, please prepay and include the return shipping label
Below are the links to U.S. Priority Mail and UPS
U.S.Priority Shipping
UPS Shipping
If you have unused or broken XO laptops, please consider donating them to OLPC

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