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Various OLPC groups have expressed interest in holding annual or biannual global events for the entire community. Some ideas for how to do this over the coming years follow.

Spring 2008

A mini-conference was held in spring of 2008, with 3 days of videotaped presentations on Sugar and other software and localization projects under development. Videos are available online; some transcripts are still needed.

August 2008

Right now we have two smaller gatherings planned for the end of August, each with dates still to be finalized:

  • a physics-engine Game Jam, building on Brian Jordan and Alex Levenson's work this summer (and others!)
  • a sugar-docs sprint, to update and polish end-user documentation

There is interest in having a conference where people could present interesting things they are working on or projects they are preparing (and also share open space for brainstorming solutions to open problems), similar to our mini-conference earlier this year.


A bid process was proposed at the grassroots jam for global gatherings in future years, for two events a year : one that focuses on international participation and OLPC presence, and another that is more for the most active community members and has a more regional flavor.

As smaller regional examples, events being planned this year in Austria and Croatia were mentioned (but neither has a web page yet, apparently...)

   This is still very much work in progress. Currently it looks as though there will be a weekend (Friday to Sunday/Monday) meeting somewhere on the Croatian coast in mid-September. Please contact OLPC Croatia, OLPC Austria or OLPC Suisse in case you're interested in participating. More info will be made available as soon as possible. ChristophD 18:27, 11 July 2008 (UTC)
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