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Google Summer of Code Updates

Integration of Speech Synthesis in Sugar Environment

Week Ending - Jun 20, 2008

Executive Summary

In this week, I continued working on the speech-dispatcher package and released three new versions for the package. The good news is that I have finally been sponsored by another Fedora reviewer and that the speech-dispatcher package has passed the Q/A tests. The next step is to build the package in Fedora koji system. I expect that the packaging work will complete by this weekend.

I analyzed the working of speechd client API in details and worked through its implementation. For this I had to study about python threads and revise some of the synchronization algorithms that I studied as part of my operating systems course. So its nice to be able to directly apply the theoretical knowledge for a change :). I am conducting discussions over possible solutions for modifying the API for use in the OLPC community with the speechd developers. The discussion is available at http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2008-June/015480.html. I will try to modify the API again using the ideas suggested in the coming week.

For a detailed log you can visit hemant's user page at : Hemant Goyal

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