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Some suggested releases

new website (mchua)

Cambridge, MA - In preparation for the upcoming Give One, Get One (G1G1) initiative, One Laptop Per Child is launching a new website design and has released a sneak preview of the site, available before its official launch. As we near the one year anniversary of the G1G1 program, hundreds of thousands of XO laptops have been distributed to children worldwide; it's time for an image refresh.

This year both Amazon.com and OLPC are preparing for the influx of orders this holiday season. The site redesign is to bring renewed attention to the educational aspect of OLPC's mission. It's an education project, not a laptop project; the new design echoes this sentiment, looking beyond the technological impact to focus on how it is changing the day to day lives of the children it benefits.

Nevertheless, tens of thousands of donors are expected to join those who already have having their own green XO.

"It's tiny, but it's environmentally friendly and customizable... a durable critter, built for survival." -- Mel Chua

The site is set to go live this weekend. Our web team has been working around the clock. The product descriptions in particular have been completely reworked to draw more deeply from the long history of these sorts of educational explorations.

Amazon.com will begin taking orders for OLPC's G1G1 program starting November 17th at http://www.amazon.com/xo. For more information about One Laptop per Child, visit http://laptop.org.

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