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The project target is the creation of an interface having the style of the GameBoy from Nintendo (orthogonal 3D) where the kid's avatar (there are some to choose) will "walk", founding many "activities".

The project is in beta phase and we have now more than 10 activities implemented in the areas of: Social Studies, History, English vocabulary etc.

The application is integrated with a database at a remote server and we can capture the opinions of the kids about some questions and publish the results in realtime. It's available now an evaluation about the next presidential election.

ALPHACity Brasil is NOW on line and was create using JavaScript and tested for the simulator of Fedora+Sugar+web browser (last image available) for Windows and for the Internet Explorer, but we believe that it can be accessed by any browser.

At the figure we see an activity of History, where tha avatar needs to "talk" to some characters. The "date" is the year 3000 A.C !

There are some Squeak on line exercices that only can be accessed by the Internet Explorer and if there are installed the Squeak plugin. We hope to have soon a new "image" Fedora+Sugar+web browser having this plugin available, for real tests.

We are publishing (AVAILABLE NOW!) a daily newspaper,the "JORNAL DE ALPHACITY", created for kids between 8 to 18 years, having explanations of some subjects for their better understandment of the context of the notices.

The address to go to ALPHACity is http://www.dmu.com/olpc You can go there NOW! I know that it's not easy to understand portuguese, but you can take a general look. To "walk" use the arrow keys.

Portuguese version of this page : ALPHACity Brasil
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