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  • Maintainer: Daniel Drake
  • Please send patches/questions to devel mailing list.

If you wish to reconstruct or customize an unreleased/development OLPC OS version, instead of using a released version of olpc-os-builder, check out the most recent development version of olpc-os-builder from git. Note that the development version will not be able to (correctly) reconstruct or customize official OLPC OS releases which have been finalized (use the standard process to obtain the correct olpc-os-builder version for that purpose).

As root, run:

# yum install git

Then, as your regular user:

% git clone git://dev.laptop.org/projects/olpc-os-builder
% cd olpc-os-builder

Now follow the quick-start instructions at doc/README.devel

To update your local copy of the development version with any changes that have been made by OLPC since your initial checkout, as your regular user run:

% cd olpc-os-builder
% git pull

Development OS releases are usually made with the following build configurations:

Dependencies may change over time. For example for v4 on F-14 you will need at least

Build dependencies:

# yum -y install gcc make libtomcrypt-devel zlib-devel

Runtime dependencies:

# yum -y install zip xz-lzma-compat python-imgcreate mtd-utils-ubi mtd-utils \
                 libtomcrypt crcimg bitfrost-sugar hardlink binutils

Note: When installing OS Builder running on an XO, these dependencies will install firstboot, which may affect your boot process. To prevent this, you must run

# chkconfig firstboot off

Now that you have all the parts installed, some binaries need to be compiled, so from the olpc-os-builder directory, run:

% make
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