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The easiest way to use olpc-os-builder is to install it from Fedora repositories (see OS Builder for instructions). However, this only works for release 11.2.0 or newer. The instructions below will be of use if you are rebuilding older releases, or if you are more technical and would prefer to work from a non-systemwide install.

First, download the olpc-os-builder sources of the version you have identified that is used to build the OLPC OS release in question. You can find tarballs here.

As your regular Linux user, extract the sources with the following command:

# tar xvjf olpc-os-builder-*.tar.bz2

A new directory will be created under the existing one (e.g. olpc-os-builder-1.1.0), with the contents of the utility. Use cd to change directory, e.g.:

# cd olpc-os-builder-1.1.0

You are now ready to follow the remainder of the installation instructions, which can be found in doc/README within the olpc-os-builder directory.

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