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oatstime is an Open Firmware client implementation for setting the XO system time from an OATS server.



Parts Required

  • an OATS server, or a spare laptop,
  • the deployment keys,
  • a USB drive.


  • if using a spare laptop as an OATS server, download and install Oatslite, configure the laptop to use NTP, and set a static IP address,
  • download the Open Firmware oatstime.fth file,
  • edit the file to add the domain name or IP address of the OATS server,
  • edit the file to replace the oats-pubkey with the deployment public key,
  • if a wireless network is to be used, edit the file to add essid,
  • sign the file,
  • copy the signed file to the USB drive.


Parts Required

  • a USB drive containing the signed file,
  • if a wired network is to be used, a USB Ethernet adapter,
  • if a wireless network is to be used, a nearby access point,
  • the XO with incorrect system time,


  • if a wired network is to be used, insert the USB Ethernet adapter,
  • insert the USB drive,
  • hold down the four game keys,
  • turn on the XO,
  • wait for the message "Set clock to".
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