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Build 593

Changelog 593

Smoke Test On B4


  • In first boot all icons look green see #3603

On B2-1

  • Boots into sugar
  • Cannot see other XO's on the mesh view (I live in Vancouver, BC).

As a result, cannot verify shared activities with other XOs.

  • Can connect to an AP and browse the web.
  • Journal can resume activities
  • Plug a USB drive, Journal will recognize it.


On B2-1

Luya Tshimbalanga

Build 592

Changelog 592

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar
  • Journal can resume activities

Build 588

Changelog 588 Changelog 587

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar
  • Can see other XO's on the mesh view (connected to school server)
  • Can browse the internet over server connection
  • Can share activities over the mesh.
  • Can connect to an AP and browse the web.
  • Journal can resume activities

Build 582

Changelog 582

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar
  • Connects to an AP, browses the backed up Library, and the web
  • Activities resume properly

Noted differences

  • The journal finds partial matches (searching for 'ma' finds 'manual' and 'gmail')
  • usb keys are mounted at "/media/USB DISK"


Build 581

Changelog 581

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar
  • Browses the web, using a server
  • Collaboration works over server

Noted differences

  • Can hide the bookmarked pages in browse


'On B2-1'

  • Attempting to resume Etoys or Record activities will render gray screen.
  • Record activity takes a while to load images from camera.
  • Memorize activities has no longer memory issues.


- Zack

Build 579

Changelog 579

Smoke test

  • Boots into sugar successfully
  • Journal resumes activities
  • The index page loads and you can browse the Internet.

Noted Differences

  • The journal scrolls much quicker.
  • XOs around activities are smaller and don't cover the activity icon.
  • Everything in the home view is in the colors of the XO.

--On a B2-1--

  • Journal resumes activity quickly
  • ctrl+alt+f1 shows debug messages (good for development)
  • Record activity can't capture nor display an image on screen
  • AP good with 3 channels (able to see peers in the mesh)
  • Browse loads
  • Activities load slower - needs optimization
  • Donut activity container looks like a pie after some loading of activities.


Build 578

Changelog 578

Smoke Test

  • Does not boot into sugar

Build 575

Changelog 575

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar successfully
  • Journal resumes activities

I don't have multiple XO's so I can't report on the other tests.

  • Ran a collaborative activity over mesh network
  • Browsed using mesh network
  • Connected to an AP
  • Browsed using AP

Noted Differences

  • TamTamJam is much changed, and the three TamTam activities are split up in the home view
  • There are now three mesh network circles
  • There are enough activities in the build, that there is now a scroll bar.


Build 573

Changelog 573

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar successfully
  • Sees other XO's on the same mesh network (meshes are numbered)
  • Shared activity works over mesh network
  • Browse works over mesh network
  • Journal resumes activities
  • Connects to AP
  • Can browse over AP

Noted Differences

  • In mesh view, XOs are gathered around shared activities they are using

Build 572

Changelog 572

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar successfully
  • Sees other XO's on Mesh network
  • Browse works on the Mesh network
  • Collaborative activity works over mesh network
  • Journal works

Noted differences:

  • Mesh networks are numbered

Build 571

  • Journal not open.

Build 570

Changelog 570

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar
  • Browse on mesh network - works fine
  • Journal resumes activities
  • Interactive activity (chat) worked over mesh network
  • Browse using AP - works fine

- Alex

Build 568

Changelog 568

Smoke Test

  • Boots into sugar
  • Mesh view - can see others
  • Browse on Mesh network works (still no sidebar)
  • Interactive Activity worked
  • Journal - successfully resumed an activity
  • AP - connected and browsed the web

- Alex

Build 567

Changelog 567

---On a B2-1, q2c25

  • Writes image successfully
  • Boot & Activated Sugar
  • Camera - don't work, I expected this to work on a B2-1
  • Browser - cannot browse, very slow
  • Mesh view - can see others - good
  • ctrl+alt+f2 still showing debug info - good for development

--- wenmi

Build 566

Changelog 566

  • Browser and Write are broken. Don't waste time on this build. (-Tomeu)

I was wrong, looks like a good build to test. (-Tomeu)

Build 564

ChangeLog 564

Many bugs with this build. It doesn't pass basic regression.

- Kim

--- On a B2-1, q2c25, Build564

  • Journal shows activities
  • Cannot continue activity very well
  • slow
  • camera shows no frame at all, not even an image can be loaded
  • shows other xo on network view - good
  • ctrl+alt+f2 shows debug messages - good
  • resume - good
  • browser can't load at all
  • tooltip text on icon fading is very slow

~User:Wenmi01 ---

Build 561

Don't use this build... too many serious regressions.

on B4 and C


  • The same errors happen to me in a B4 RafaelOrtiz 17:00, 30 August 2007 (EDT)

- Kim

Build 557

Changelog 557

on a B4

Smoke Test Results

  1. Boots into sugar; can see other XOs on school server mesh, can get to internet.but the mesh and battery icon aren't correct#3001. The battery icon is white, and the mesh icon remains gray even with a good network connection.
  2. Camera works

on a B2-1

  • Camera runs
  • Journal entries are restored from backup
  • It can resume the activity
  • Quite slow on resuming activity
  • Activity don't run most of the time
  • The activity donut also changes the space for activity icon irregularly
  • Browse activity hangs and disappear in the donut.
  • Pdf reader is not included here
  • RandR is working (Rotate Screen)
  • Cannot suspend, slow on suspend.
  • The mesh is still seeing other developers but it is nice to see that the mesh function well
  • Cannot use the console on ctrl+alt+f2 (this is good for seeing messages about Sugar)
  • Activity closes suddenly

by wenmi / Rowen OLPCPH


Build 556

ChangeLog 556

  • On a B2-1
 - very slow and cannot load almost even an activity
 - memory pressure is very noticeable
 - camera is still broken, 1 frame appeared and never refreshed 
 - still I can't see the ctrl+alt+f2 console
               - wenmi OLPCPH

Smoke results - overall pretty good. Compared to 542 (current shipping build), this one scans only channels 1, 6, and 11, which means you get more reliable connectivity for collaboration in an RF noisy environment:

  1. Boots into sugar; can see other XOs on school server mesh, can get to internet but the mesh and battery icon aren't correct#3001. The battery icon is white, and the mesh icon remains grey even with a good network connection.
  2. I opened and shared an AbiWord doc. Sharing worked pretty well, a little bit of trouble adding images into docs. Two new bugs were filed: Can't use CTL-C, CTL-V to copy and paste an image#3002, and some .jpg images dragged successfully onto the clipboard and some do not#3003.
  3. I tried to share a url through browser sharing#3004 and the other XOs that see a Browse icon get a new browser window, not the one that I was trying to share. It IS possible to share a url by opening a chat window and using cut&paste to put the link in the chat window.
  4. The browse activity did NOT provide the sidebar links to the library; only a google search window.
  5. I was able to resume activities from the journal; but I don't see the activity I was most recently working on unless I search for the activity type (like 'write').


  • Camera is still broken; only get one frame at start up and nothing else.
  • Paint#3007 requires that you choose colors by using the eyedropper; and when you paint with a brush or use the paint fill feature, the next mouse click makes the last item disappear.
  • Paint doesn't share#3007
  • There are some activities that are not opening probably related to memory problems.

Build 553

On a B2-1

- Luya Tshimbalanga

On a B4: Activities: The following activities do not start (doesn't seem to be low memory, but the problem is undiagnosed):

  • Tamtam
  • Paint
  • Connect
  • Calculate

The following activities start but do not function:

  • Record (camera)
  • Browser (IP connectivity, yet all pages time out)

Other points:

  • Presence service seems to work
  • Frame can sometimes disappear and be hard to get back
  • Journal seems to have a fairly large memory leak

Hello1024 06:08, 23 August 2007 (EDT)

Build 551

On a B2-1

  • Camera stops
  • Activities are very slow
  • 2nd console ctrl+alt+f2 - no console (only error messages)

-Rowen/wenmi OLPCPH

- Zack

Build 547

On a B2-1

  • Camera stops
  • Browse starts (starting..) but never opened
  • 2nd console (Ctrl+alt+f2) - Xwindow error

-wenmi / Rowen OLPCPH

  • Can't open Paint activity.

Build 545

On a B2-1

  • GX fix worked on camera
  • OS Image loaded successfuly
  • Very slow due to little memory, we need to enhance memory usage.
  • Tamtam Mini has no sound
  • Able to resume activity on Journal.

-wenmi OLPCPH

Build 542, Trial-2 Release

Smoke Test (Some issues with connecting to an AP):

  1. Sugar boots up
  2. Connected properly to mesh, saw others via link local
  3. Shared Abiword, chat, camera successfully
  4. Journal was able to resume from an abiword doc successfully
  5. I'm currently having trouble connecting to an external AP from within 1CC. This worked at home.
  6. Need to test item 6 in a different environment.

Other Notes:

  • I had to remove the battery and power adapter for a few seconds after upgrading in order to boot up properly.
  • To boot with backup edit the olpc.fth file to change 'false' to 'true' in line 11. This will save the activation key as well as user data (including the nickname and color of the XO). If you have never upgraded to code base with activation keys, you will need a different process. (I will try this soon)
  • It is not very difficult to 'hang' the mesh and require a reboot to start again. Not sure of exact steps to repeat -- Walter saw it; I've seen it.

Some Notes for the formal Software Release Notes:

  • If you are running Tamtam or another activity that uses the speakers, close the activity before suspending the laptop. You can suspend the laptop by closing the lid or pushing the suspend/resume button. If Tamtam or another sound activity is still running, when the laptop resumes from suspend, it will squeal very loudly. To recover, shut down the laptop by holding the suspend button for >5 seconds or remove the battery and adapter for a few seconds.
  • Now that we have made the power button suspend; to shutdown completely, hover over the XO in the home view and click on 'Shutdown'.
  • To turn on various activity logs:
  1. edit ~/.xinitrc and uncomment the line that imports .sugar.debug
  2. in ~/.sugar.debug, add lines like export JOURNAL_DEBUG=yes
  • Backup to School Server: To register with a school server and backup data (for build 542):
  1. Open a developer's console
  2. View the config file to see that you are not registered with any school server; and to get your Serial Number (SN)
  3. SSH into the school server (for 1CC this is schoolserver.laptop.org); type 'yes' to accept keys
  4. Type 'olpc-register' to register with the server
  5. Reboot for this config file to take affect.
  6. From the Journal, click on the 'Backup' tab, and then the 'Backup' icon.
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