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What is the point of having a repair center at Olin? What do we get out of it? What does OLPC get out of it?

  • community service that reaches beyond the immediately local community
  • contribute meaningfully to OLPC
  • deal with everyday repairs that 1cc/OLPC is too busy for
  • good technical experience for Olin students

What do we want to avoid?

  • complicated logistics
  • money, at least in the beginning

Model 1

  • repair RMAed machines
    • original owners have already gotten a replacement, no donor associated with a machine
  • get parts from 1cc/OLPC or partners
    • could get a small amount of SERV funding towards this, but probably not enough to sustain long-term activity
  • redistribute machines to grassroots groups and developers
  • handle a fairly small number of machines at any given time
  • keep a good work pace, but avoid the stress of deadlines

Model 2

  • have customers send broken XO and replacement part(s)
  • fix machines and ship back to customers
  • financial end may be tricky
    • how do we deal with shipping costs?
    • do we bill customers?

Model 3

  • repair RMAed machines and redistribute
  • repair donor machines and send back
  • logistically, the most complicated
    • probably a lot of work to keep track of
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