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Around The World

Around the World is an XO activity loosely based on Jules Verne's book Around the World in Eight Days. It is currently being developed by students at Olin.

Game Play

You start off as a a character in one of the seven continents (including Antarctica). You have an assistant who follows you around and helps you. There is also an inspector who wrongly thinks you are a criminal evading the law.

Your goal is to visit all seven continents. To travel from continent to continent, there is a challenge that you must accomplish. In addition, there are activities that you can do in each continent.

Program assignments

  • Asia - Arash
  • Antartica - Colin
  • Africa - Jeff Atkinson
  • South America - Xy
  • North America - Yifan
  • Australia - no one
  • The whole world - Yifan

General Ideas in no Particular Order

  • Text based for now
  • Your servant's name is Passepartout
  • An inspector is following you who thinks you are a criminal
  • You are looking for the love of your life
  • Hunting to get food
  • Foods local to each region
  • Keeping track of nutritional values of food that affect your health
  • Set in present day
  • Activities relating to local culture and customs
  • Post cards that you send back home
  • 5 cultural things in each continents
  • you keep a log book

Long term ideas

  • Yelling, image recognition

Tentative UML


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