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This user's time zone is UTC.

OLPC Boxes (often shortened to OBX) are sets of templates that put attractive consistent "badging" on wiki pages. For example Activities use them; some user pages use them.

For a full guide you can see Wikipedia:Userboxes
(with caveats given the idea has been adapted for the OLPC)

  • {{olpcboxtop}} — used to 'start' a box.
    • ... some boxes ... — in the shape of {{OBX boxname|params}} or {{User boxname|params}}
    • {{olpcboxbreak}} — for creating 'sections' within the box
    • {{olpcboxmacro}} — short for specifying a series of {{OBX boxname|params}}
    • {{userboxmacro}} — short for specifying a series of {{User boxname|params}}
  • {{olpcboxbottom}} — used to 'close' a box.
See also 
OBX proposals


OLPCBoxes command What it produces
{{user mail|email|address.com}}
@ email
{{User support-gang}}
help@ This user is a Support gang volunteer.
{{User design-gang}}
This user is a Design Gang volunteer.
{{User time zone|UTC-5|world}}
See the template for more information.
This user's time zone is UTC-5.
{{user en}}

Many of these language templates are capable of identifying user's language competence as well (for example; beginner, moderate, fluent, native speaker). This is done by adding a -1 to the language abbreviation in the command. The numbers are: 1 = basic, 2 = intermdiate, 3 = advanced, 4 = near-native, 5 = professional, N = native.
af = Afrikaans
ar = arabic
bg = Bulgarian
da = Danish
de = German
el = Greek
en = English
es = Spanish
fr = French
ht = Haitian Creole
hu = Hungarian
it = Italian
ja = Japanese
ko = Korean
leet = Leet
ne = Nepali
nl = Dutch
no = Norwegian
pl = Polish
pt = Portuguese
ro = Romanian
ru = Russian
tl = Tagalog
zh = Chinese

en This user is a native speaker of English.
{{User Boston}}
This user is a member of the OLPC Boston Users Group.
{{User student|graduate|Computer Science Engineering at [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Michigan University of Michigan] }}
This user is a graduate student– Computer Science Engineering at University of Michigan
{{User teacher}}
This user is a teacher.
{{User teacher primary|''school name/link''}}
This user is a primary teacher at school name/link
{{User teacher university|''uni-link-or-name''}}
This user is a university teacher at uni-link-or-name
<div style="float:left;border:solid #99b3ff 1px;margin:1px;"> {| cellspacing="0" style="width:260px;background:#e0e8ff;" | style="width:45px;height:45px;background:#99b3ff;text-align:center;font-size:14pt;" | '''{{{1}}}''' | style="font-size:8pt;padding:4pt;line-height:1.25em;text-align:center;" | {{{3}}}<hr>These users speak '''[[{{{2}}} language|{{{2}}}]]'''. |}</div>
{{{1}}} {{{3}}}
These users speak [[{{{2}}} language|{{{2}}}]].
{{User community repair}}
This user is a spare parts hound.
{{User edtech}}
This user is in educational technology.

Hiding olpcboxes

You can hide olpcboxes which utilize this (as well as a few other) forms of template-based userbox organization. Simply edit your userspace CSS override (for example, monobook.css for the Monobook skin) and add the following–

table.userboxes { display: none; }

table.olpcboxes { display: none; }

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