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How to get Adobe Flash working on the XO (Browse activity only) The following instructions are to get Adobe Flash working for the XO’s browse activity. The instructions will have you remove gnash to avoid conflicts, remove old versions of flash that may cause conflict as well, and then finally install the new version of flash to get everything working. Instructions written 2/22/10.

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet

2. Cleaning up

a. Start the terminal activity

b. Type “su -l” (only type what’s within the quotation marks) and push enter.

  • Note that is the letter l, not the number 1

You should see the phrase “-bash-3.2#”, or something like that.

c. Type “yum remove gnash gnash-plugin” and press enter. (Firstly, we must remove gnash, the player used to play flash content that’s included with the XO. It is limited and doesn’t play all flash content, so in order to get all Adobe Flash media to work, we must install the genuine Flash plugin.)

d. When “Transaction summary” appears, and asks “Is this okay [y/N]”, type y and pres enter.

e. When the phrase “Complete” appears, go on to the next step.

f. (To make sure that your new installation of the Flash plugin does not conflict with any previous versions that may be installed, we must remove Flash before we can freshly install the latest version.) To do this we:

g. type “su -l” and press enter

h. type “rpm -e flash-plugin” and press enter

i. Then exit the terminal, and start the terminal activity again.

3. Installing Flash

a. Now type the following code verbatim “wget http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/flash-plugin-” and press enter b. wait for download to complete c. Then type “rpm -i flash-plugin-” and press enter. d. Now close the terminal activity e. Open a new browse activity window, and enjoy flash!

Open Browse, and all Flash player associated content should be working! Please realize that due to the XO’s limited hardware, strenuous activities such as streaming HD videos on Youtube may be extremely slow and may not work at all; this is not due to Flash but due to the limitations of the XO.

Created by OLPC Santa Barbara

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