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The viewpoints expressed hereunder do not necessarily reflect the opinion of OLPC.
This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

One Laptop Per Child is a very small foundation. Their goal is to make sure the mission of OLPC is managed, the XO-XS laptop server combination is kept under a free and open license, grouped orders are managed, the XO-XS are continuously improved, etc. but not too much more than that.

OLPC assumes that in the richer/more organized parts of the world, "groups" can emerge, organize themselves, e.g. have a group place the minimum order which is 100 XO laptops, set-up regional OLPC labs where ICT teachers and other amators can come have a look and feel with the XO-XS-combination.

OLPC - as any other open hard or software project - needs / promotes / hopes on an active community to get behind the OLPC missions and help out. All these volunteers, professionals, amators, etc. make up the OLPC Community.

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