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Getting into the Configuration


  1. Go to a location where it occurs naturally. (difficult for this configuration)
    1. School server.
    2. One laptop can see both the server and the other laptop. The other laptop can only see the first laptop and not the server.
    3. Still, must turn on MPP (Mesh Portal Point) for first laptop.
      1. Login on a terminal as root.
      2. Type:
          /sbin/chkconfig --level 345 NetworkManagerDispatcher on
          /sbin/service NetworkManagerDispatcher start
  1. Force the laptops into it manually.
    1. Turn on MPP for one laptop.
    2. Create file /etc/NetworkManager/mesh-start on second laptop
    3. w/ text:
      • xo-mpp
    4. Reboot the laptop.

Checking that laptops are in the MPP Configuration

Laptop 1

  • The file /etc/resolve.conf should have text like:
     search {domainname}
     nameserver {IP_address}
  • The laptop should have a good IP address
    • Starts with 172, 18, ect. (169 is an example of a bad address)
    • Alternatively: Laptop should be able to browse the internet.


  • The file /etc/resolve.conf should have text with at least one line of:
     nameserver {IP_address}

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