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The Purpose of this Page

This page lists ongoing community art projects, things that any and everyone can contribute to without having to make any lasting commitments. This is perfect for casual volunteers, people in between projects, people looking to test out a new style, and generally busy people who still want to help out.

Background Creation

Lots of games just need generic backgrounds, so the more we can create, the better! Anything you can think of that might show up in a (children's) game is, well, fair game. Think spaceships, castles, fields, forests, cities, geometric pretty things, so on and so forth.

Upload to Wikimedia Commons (links to Wikimedia and uploading FAQ can be found at community:Art).

T-Shirt Designs

We'd like to create wearable advertising, so that people can wear OLPC shirts in public and (hopefully) inspire the curious to ask them about the project. More information can be found at T-shirts.

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