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People and Roles

Part of the Our Stories project.

  • Galadima School is acting as a pilot site in Nigeria, offering input and feedback on the Our Stories Activity and supporting documentation.

Current Status

Notes from Galadima School

Here are some of the things we covered in depth during the two weeks of the pilot here:

  • Introduction to "Our Stories"
  • Capturing of language distribution
  • Interview Process - Using the 'step by step' guide
  • Role Playing and Test Interviews

More detail will follow before the continuation of the pilot. I will endeavour to send the implementation plan by the end of next week if all goes according to plan. I would also like to add that the method we used in training the students was very engaging and they ended up coming up with many ideas... An interesting way to engage them is, for example, to ask them to list who they think they could interview based on their understanding of what an interview is. They came up with so many wonderful options I wouldn't have considered like farmers, doctors, pilots, etc...

Interview Steps Question List Galadima News Network

The chalkboard after the first day of Our Stories Summer School
The chalkboard after the second day of Our Stories Summer School
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