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Current Status


Need to determine:

  • School contacts: Pablo Flores (pflores2 at gmail.com) coordinates with Villa Cardal's and other schools people.
  • Laptop distribution dates & new schools: It is expected to distribute laptops to all of the schools of Florida by the end of 2007. The whole country should be covered by the end of 2009.
  • Progress with Ministry of Education
    • Funding going forward if we don't get government backing: Government is commited in funding the project for the whole country.
  • Number of laptops per school: One for each child in the school. Currently, there is only a pilot project in Villa Cardal.
    • Best way to achieve even distribution
  • Training for teachers: It is being coordinated by ANEP (the national primary school administration)
    • Who will administer the training on the ground: Currently it is being done in coordination between ANEP and LATU.
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