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Name: M

Age: 21

Occupation: Student


  • consistently was not pressing hard enough on the tablet to generate the data

Task: Constrained drawing, Little Precision Required

  • still had problems not applying enough pressure to the tablet

Task: Unconstrained Drawing, Little Precision Required

Fixed Mode

  • after being told about the grab button, immediately tried to use it in combination with the tablet/stylus (unlike other participants)
  • however, had the impression that she was moving the object that she just drew, rather than the canvas
  • started to realize what was happening: "What I should do is...put it closer to the top and this closer to the bottom, because each time you move it, the whole thing moves, right?"
  • but, in the end, still seemed to think that grabbing would allow her to move individual object
  • in the end, was unable to complete the task

Movable Mode

  • took a minute to figure out that the mapping rectangle was moving, not the object
  • after figuring out how it worked, was able to fairly quickly complete the drawing
  • "I like this one better, because you can just sort of move the screen to the area that you want to draw in, draw there, and then move on. Logically, I think it works better for me."

Dynamic Mode

  • was confused by the fact that the blue box was shown
  • when setting the cursor, was trying to click at the point where she wanted drawing to begin
  • "I guess I'm not sure if it's going to work unless the box is there."

Task: Unconstrained Drawing, Requiring Precision

Dynamic Mode

  • when still in dynamic mode, didn't fully succeed. When drawing two lines close to each other, she expected the tablet to work in the regular ABS mode (as in MOVABLE and FIXED)
  • "I guess from this, after I stop, after I lift the pen -- do I have to click the button again?" (in other words, questioning whether she has to set the cursor for every single line she draws

Alt-Hover Mode

  • when using the alt-hover mode, she used a lighter stylus pressure, which was too light to register on the tablet (as with S)

Task: Reproducing Paper Drawing

  • chose to use the MOVABLE mapping to reproduce her paper drawing, and did a reasonable job with it

Additional Notes

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