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Projects & Details

Voltage Regulator

We're hoping to develop a voltage and current regulating power peripheral that connects directly to the power connector on the XO and allows different off the grid power options, whether they may be solar, human, animal, wind or some other renewable energy source, to the XO without damaging the laptop.


  • Develop basic voltage regulator that limits voltage and current to XO
  • Redesign voltage regulator to produce variable outputs
  • Redesign version 2 of regular to all it to charge multiple XOs
  • Possible mechanical design of voltage regulator housing (need to evaluate later)
  • Thermal analysis of regulator (need to evaluate later)

Bicycle Powered Generator

This system consists of an inexpensive alternator attached to a bicycle and connected to a storage battery to allow an XO to be charged with just 30 minutes of pedaling or less.


  • Review of literature
  • Development of bicycle powered generator design
  • Building generator

Power Deployment Guide

We're working on a basic guide of different power generation options aimed and people who are interested in providing off the grid power to a group of laptops and don't know where to start.


  • Summarize wiki information and commentary on OLPC mailing lists related to power
  • Put information in easy-to-read guide on power deployment options
  • Make guide widely available
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